White Mountain Snowboarding & Adventure Club

Before You Go Snowboarding (BYGS) Training Sessions

I have successfully trained my No-Fall Snowboarding technique “off the hill” to students in the comfort of their own home during private one-on-one training sessions over Skype using a web camera. This off-snow, dry land preparation effectively prepares you for your on mountain riding in a safe environment that removes many of the distractions that add unnecessary stress and potential for injury to those people learning to snowboard. I would like to offer this BYGS training to anyone interested to help you either learn how to snowboard for the first time or unlock your full potential off the hill. Here are my rates:

  • $1,000.00 - a one hour beginner’s introduction.  

  • $2,000.00 - a three hour advanced physical, mental and spiritual pre-riding preparation.

Sign Up

Please click the “Sign Up” button to register for a BYGS training session selecting either a one hour beginner’s introduction or a 3-hour advanced session.

Club Membership

The White Mountain Snowboarding & Adventure Club membership is exclusive and by invitation only for students of my No-Fall Snowboarding technique. Membership has its privileges:

  • Board storage in Beaver Creek, CO

  • Accommodations at my condo on a first-come / first-served basis

  • Free-Riding with Danny anywhere in the world (I will go riding at resorts with club members, but do not offer paid lessons on resort property)

  • Planned snowboarding and mountain biking events

  • Personal training / Off-hill coaching

  • Gear set-up and adjustments